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Ebony Brown with Halsey for Paper Magazine Shoot



  • Benefit #1

    With Celebrity Style Academy you will learn the necessary skills to become a celebrity stylist. Celebrity styling is a very exclusive niche and we will teach you the fundamentals you need to succeed.

  • Benefit #2

    Celebrity Style Academy won't just teach you how to steam a shirt or do a studio pull. We will teach you how to run a fashion business and become a successful fashion entrepreneur.

  • Benefit #3

    Anyone can become a stylist but it takes more than skills to become a celebrity stylist. Celebrity Style Academy will help you understand the psychology behind the celebrity ego and teach you how to deal with them.

  • Benefit #4

    You will learn how to book your first celebrity client with Celebrity Style Academy and after taking our course you will have the skills and confidence needed to work with A list celebrities.

  • Benefit #5

    With Celebrity Style Academy you will learn invaluable lessons from someone who's worked with A-list celebrities for over 15 years. You will learn how to avoid common mistakes celebrity stylists make and how to stay relevant in an extremely competitive field.

  • Benefit #6

    Celebrity Style Academy will teach you what other styling courses won't. We don't leave out the difficulties that come with celebrity styling. We give you the tools you need without sugarcoating the journey.

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Why Celebrity Style Academy is Different

  • You'll learn from a celebrated working celebrity stylist who actually lives the life.

  • Most courses only teach the fundamentals. With CSA you'll learn the fundamentals as well as how to run and sustain a fashion styling business.

  • We aren't afraid to share our mistakes and give you the tools you need to avoid them in your career.

Meet Ebony Brown

Ebony Brown

Ebony Brown is a Celebrity Stylist, and Costume Designer based in Los Angeles. Originally from Detroit, Ebony has a client list that includes Halsey, Camila Cabello, Sanaa Lathan, Kali Hawk, Britney Spears, Kanye West, Young Thug, Faith Evans, Paper, V Magazine, Vibe, Rolling Out, Nike, McDonald's, Adidas, Puma, Ford, Verizon, Pillsbury, NFL, Converse, ACG, Hershey, Ford, Sprint, etc. Ebony has also had the pleasure of working with legendary photographers and directors like Ellen Von UnWerth, David LaChapelle, Hype Williams, Alton Glass, and Marc Baptiste. Ebony is passionate about uplifting aspiring celebrity stylists and sharing her 15 years of experience to help shape the next generation.

Seen In:

In Celebrity Style Academy You'll Learn


In module 1 you'll meet the instructor and learn why CSA was created.

  • You Didn't Wake Up To Be Mediocre

Module 1: What Is A Celebrity Stylist

In module 1 you'll learn the job responsibilities of a celebrity stylist, how much celebrity stylists get paid, what a typical work day is like and what celebrity stylists have in their styling kit.

  • What Is A Celebrity Stylist
  • Job Responsibilities & Rates
  • Typical Work Day
  • What Every Stylist Should Have In Their Kit

Module 2: Mood Boarding, Market, & Fittings

In module 2 you'll learn how to have a client meeting, how to create a mood board, how to contact designers, pulling, fittings, and how to sell a look.

  • When, Where, & How To Have A Successful Client Meeting
  • How To Create A Mood Board Your Client Will Love
  • How To Pull Like A Pro
  • How To Set Up A Fitting And Merchandise Wardrobe
  • How To Sell Your Look To A Client

Module 3: Let's Get To Work

In module 3 you'll learn various celebrity styling gigs, breaking down a music video script, set etiquette, wrapping a gig, and styling for different body types and skin tones.

  • Red Carpet
  • PhotoShoot
  • LifeStyle
  • Music Video/Breaking Down A Script
  • Set Etiquette
  • Wrapping A Gig
  • Body Type & Skin Tone

Module 4: Game Changing Assistant Skills

In module 4 you'll learn mandatory assistant skills.

  • Stylist Assistant Job Responsibilities & Rates
  • 7 Things Assistants Do That Stylists Hate
  • Top 7 Reasons Assistants Get Fired 

Module 5: How To Book Your First Celebrity Client

In module 5 you'll learn how to book your first client, when to stop assisting and become a key stylist, and proven networking skills.

  • How To Book Your First Celebrity Client
  • How To Create A Book For Your Ideal Client
  • Proven Networking Skills That Work

Module 6 : Things Celebrity Stylists Won't Tell You

In module 6 you'll learn the harsh truths that most celebrity stylists won't talk about.

  • Most Celebrity Stylists Are Broke
  • Your Client Is Your Boss, Not Your Friend
  • You Will Get Depressed A Lot - How To Deal With It

Module 7 : Bonus Material

In module 7 you'll get valuable bonus material that will be useful for your career. 

  • Social Media Etiquette
  • How To Pronounce Designer Names
  • Document Library 

Bonus Material

In addition to the course content you will also get

  • Downloadable Templates

    $150 Value

    CSA will provide all the downloads you need to start your business: Designer Pull Request, Runway Sample Request, Show Room Appointment Email, LOR - Letter Of Responsibility, Celebrity Introduction Letter, and Thank Your Letter.



Social proof: testimonials

“Ebony Brown is an amazing talent! As a stylist, she’s got an extensive fashion vocabulary, and takes great pride in paying close attention to every detail. The world of celebrity styling can be demanding and fast-paced, but Ebony is someone who not only “understands the assignment”, she’s qualified to teach the class.”

Kali Hawk - Actor: Bridesmaids, Black Jesus, Couples Retreat

“After taking CSA I realized there was so much more to styling that I thought. There's so much valuable information in the course. I took the mini course first and that taught me so much then I took the main course becauseI knew I needed to learn more if I wanted to make this a real career. Definitely take this course if you want to be a stylist. ”

Mandy Little

“Not everyone is born with style… It can be an acquired taste… An acquired vibration… An acquired education! The one thing I can tell you about dropping in to Ebony’s instinctive stylistic environment, is you come out knowing and feeling so much better.”

Lysa Cooper - Fashion Innovator: Rihanna & Beyonce

“I moved to Atlanta to become a stylist but wasn't having much luck. After taking CSA I booked my first celebrity client within a week. ”

Dale Barker

“I love the way Ebony keeps is so real in her course. I've taken other styling courses but none of them teach you how to avoid certain pitfalls as a stylist like not balancing money/jobs correctly. This course is more like a hybrid of styling/business.”

Amber Williams

Ebony Brown with Sanaa Lathan for editorial shoot

Ebony Brown with Sanaa Lathan

Wait, I haven't told you the best part.

After you complete CSA you'll automatically be added to the email list for job postings so you can get to work immediately.

Are you ready to become a Celebrity Stylist?


  • How soon after taking the course will I book my first celebrity client?

    You can book your first celebrity client as soon as you learn the skills. Keep in mind you need to be prepared with a styling book that will attract your ideal client.

  • How is celebrity styling different from other forms of styling?

    The main difference between celebrity styling and other forms of styling is working hand in hand with celebrities. Working with celebrities can be challenging at times and it takes an advanced set of skills that you'll learn in CSA.

  • Does taking this class guarantee I'll become a celebrity stylist?

    CSA will teach you the tools you need to become a celebrity stylist. You'll also learn proven networking techniques to book your first client however, CSA cannot guarantee your outcome. With any entrepreneurial endeavor you get out what you put in and remember, the only ones who don't make it are the ones who give up.